Fiore’s fascination with their daughter, Hisui, immediately after physically changing their with the a beneficial mouse

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Fiore’s fascination with their daughter, Hisui, immediately after physically changing their with the a beneficial mouse

Irene has shown as really experienced, exhibiting by herself once the an excellent historian whenever revisiting a great folktale away from her birthplace, seemingly experiencing the counterbalance of a good “wonderful tale” of the two angels off Zonia. This woman is demonstrated to has a funny side so you can their particular, as the seen whenever she planned to come across Juliet and Heine would race, just to afterwards say it was a joke.

Irene may be very positive about her very own energy, trying to manage Acnologia herself (even talking off humanity’s greatest threat without the shyness in her own words) however since the her own comrades, included in this getting August, noted which they cannot defeat new Black Dragon instead of Fairy Cardiovascular system within their convenience.

In relation to her underlings, the woman is really connected with them, also referencing her or him given that their unique “students,” visiting its shelter immediately after the battle facing Mirajane Strauss, sorely torturing aforementioned due to the fact equity to possess defeating him or her

She as well as screens signs of are a cruel individual, including when she asked Toma Elizabeth. Whenever displeased at his compassionate conditions to possess their kid, she produces an effective muted term on her face just before relocating to attack her or him, showcasing her hate getting some thing perhaps not apropos to exactly how she conceives it to be. Whenever she visited torture Mirajane, she devilishly promised her that do not only do she n’t have a quick demise, however, once it’s all told you and you will done, she would change her for the a a lump regarding decaying chicken, proving more of their own worst and you may raw character.

Whenever major, she has demonstrated to criticize and start to become truly blunt to those also a lot more than their own, such as the Emperor, towards second dealing with the battle since the a-game and then have inviting naivety within his heart in regards to his previous companion, attempting to function as one to proper your as a result of it all. As well as this, she is most polite and you can no-cost to the people more than their particular, still delivering large praise to the exact same Emperor who she said in the event the the guy took part in the war facing Ishgar so it manage feel over in the course of time just after they first started, when you find yourself getting honor on Black colored Dragon’s compliments after engaging in fight with your, going back brand new favor by the claiming the brand new gossip away from his electricity usually do not manage him one justice privately. Yet not, she will feel some vain also gold-tongued, remembering you to she actually is no more referred to as “Vivid red Angel,” but the “Bright red Anxiety,” desiring one thing far cuter to be named.

Thanks to this, their own depend on besides advances inside her, however, for the might out of their unique Empire, stating that she you can expect to set-aside new Majesty’s “combat games” as a result of the activity regarding approaching Acnologia, stating Alvarez (along with her Majesty from the helm) would be winning whatever the lead

500 years ago, Irene is actually a type personal, with gone through governmental marriage to safeguard their own nation and stop issues. She is actually a firm believer inside the individual-Dragon coexistence, best exemplified because of the their unique experience of the fresh Dragon Belserion, confiding in your their unique despair in the mere concept of Dragons eating and you will harming humans, plus creating Dragon Slayer Miracle in order to boost the coexistence faction profit the battle, most of the together with his assist, the until their death from the Acnologia’s hand, and therefore kept Irene such as distraught. She was also most maternal, halting their own fetus’ increases with Miracle whenever she is actually imprisoned to possess undergoing dragonization, and you can sped up the procedure solely to guard their own. While in the their unique numerous hundred or so years of are a great Dragon, Irene became enthusiastic about back to their system, and in the end, immediately following getting it right back, getting a true individual again. So it fixation turned into madness and you can frustration, together trying enchant herself on to their unique yet ,-still-unborn fetus and you may a deep failing, and therefore ended having Irene abandoning their unique infant kid during the Rosemary Community. So it marked Irene’s complete deviation of just how she was previously, and from here, she sooner turned brand new vain, cold-hearted and vicious private in the current.